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Welcome to Peakdale Sculptures

Established by Barry Snelson in 2002. Perveyors of quality figurines and sculptures. Each and every piece is handmade and painted in England. Created by professional craftsmen and women, collectively making unique pieces of art work for collectors worldwide.

At Peakdale, it is our belief that each and every piece is made to the highest standard possible. Before any sculpture leaves the premises every finished item is double checked to maintain the quality synonymous with Peakdale.

Each sculpture goes through a meticulous process of development. Starting with the making of the original model, then mould making, casting, and the ever and most important, painting. Each painted sculpture requires numerous applications of paint. Layer upon layer, building up tonal changes and depth. In some cases many hours are taken to complete one actual piece. It's this process of care and attention that makes a Peakdale sculpture unique.

Please take some time to have a look around the Peakdale website and if you have any questions please email.

Kindest Regards

Barry Snelson


Some background information about Barry

Royal Doulton work experience 

Higher National Diploma Industrial Ceramics

In-House sculptor - Sherratt & Simpson

Freelance sculptor for UK companies

Sculptor and Owner of Peakdalesculptures

Master of Arts in Ceramics

Teacher of Art


We also Offer:

Bespoke Commissions

Design and manufacture of your idea

Mould making service

Start to finish production

If you have any questions please email.




Everything and All dedicated to my Mum, Kathleen xx