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Date 26.01.21     


At present Peakdalesculptures orders do NOT incur  VAT and CUSTOMS CHARGES on items being sent to the EU



Date 23.07.20      New Westie Annual

This years Westie Annual 2020 is now available to purchase. The sculpture is currently being made and will be online as soon as possible. In-light of Covid-19 and the knock on effects to services it is recommended to purchase this and any other items sooner than later. I believe (but i hope not) this festive season could prove disastrous for deliveries world-wide, but in particular the USA.


Date 23.07.20       USA POSTAL COSTS

USA postal costs have dramatically risen in price due to a number of changes politically, US Postal Services and Covid-19. Peakdale has slightly increased postal costs, however, we will try to absorb the increases as much as possible. The average saving made by the US customer will be between £2.00 and £10.00 pending the weight and quantity.

Most if not all Peakdale products and postal costs have not been increased in price for many many years. In the long term I hope to offer new sculptures along with the continued and valued support of all our customers. Kind Regards Barry